I am Obsessed with Chocolates

this image shows obsession with chocolates

Well, I think I am not the only one who is obsessed with chocolates as there might be so many. Chocolate is the only sweet that can never annoy you, especially, it is a healthy snack. But, when you love everything in chocolate, it can become obsession and unhealthy too. To tell you the truth, I have a chocolate craving, especially if I stay up late. I don’t like plain chocolate until it is too creamy. I love the nuts, like peanuts stuffed in chocolate.

My Yummy Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate muffins are my biggest craving and I make them on my own. My recipe will make you mad as it is mind-blowing. Every other day, I get my hands on muffins and also serve them to my guests. 

My friends love my chocolate muffins. You would always see my hands stuffed with chocolate, especially during vacations. When it comes to some cold drinks, instead of having soda, I prefer the chocolate shake or cold coffee with cocoa powder. I can also make tasty chocolate drinks and they give you energy after a long workout in summer.… READ MORE


I Have An Obsession with Art

this is the beginning of art

Every other person has some kind of obsession without which they can’t live. Likewise, I am obsessed with art and I can’t imagine my life without it. It is not a particular thing that I like in art, instead, I love every area of art. But, my first love is to paint and collect paintings. Like every child, I learned to draw and paint in preschool, but as I grew, I found that art is my love. As a child, my hands were always covered with various colors of paint.

Abstract Art Obsession

I like abstract art more than any other and this is perhaps hard to understand and nobody can easily criticize your work. However, the cityscape is my second love in paintings. But, the landscape is not behind because I love to paint nature. I also collect paintings from all those places where I can find it at a reasonable price. Sometimes I buy expensive paintings and my parents don’t like it. My credit card bill often gets high because of shopping for expensive art pieces.… READ MORE


I’m Obsessed with Trimming Trees

this image shows well trimming trees

If you have trees outside your home, you might know how unshaped trees can affect the beauty of your house. Even public trees can ruin the entire city if we don’t take care of them. But, here I am talking about my trees who I love a lot and never leave them alone. It is not only regular watering that you need for your plants, but trimming is as important. Let me tell you a secret that I am obsessed with trimming trees.

During my childhood, I used to walk behind my Gardener who was responsible for Waterloo Tree Service Pros as he worked the entire landscape of our house. He often gave me the scissor and I loved to cut the leaves and shrubs. Perhaps, this is how my love for trimming developed. I am also obsessed with keeping things in order and my room is always neat and clean. Never ever you will see things scattered in my room. I can’t see trees with uneven stems and unwanted leaves. You have to trim the trees to allow new leaves to appear. If you don’t trim on time, the tree will not grow or it will give less fruit or no fruit at all.… READ MORE


I’m Obsessed with Pouring Concrete

this image shows the finished product of concrete pouring

You would have heard about people with obsession, such as obsessions like eating, traveling, smoking, drinking, shopping, and several others. But, my obsession might sound weird as I am obsessed with pouring beautiful concrete. Yes, it’s true, I love to make stuff with concrete. Perhaps you would have only heard of construction of concrete buildings but now, I will tell you what else can you do with this material.

What Can We Do with Concrete?

Concrete is a building material and we use it to add strength as it is a very durable material. But, technology gives us something new and now we have different ways to convert concrete into decorative objects like vases, pots, tiles, trays, holders, sculptures, and much more. Even, you can develop yours by shaping concrete and then can lay down the floor. I got obsessed with this material when I learned a few techniques to mold it.

A few years back, our school gave us a project of concrete pouring and we all had our research through the internet. I made a pot from concrete, with Concord Concrete, and I liked it so much that it became my passion and now it is my obsession. Every other day, my hands are busy making something and molding concrete into some shape. You also need other materials to use along like cement or sand. You need a certain ratio of these materials and then you mix it and make things.… READ MORE


I Might Have A Video Game Obsession

this image shows video game obsession

The word obsession often scares people and they think that it is abnormal. This may not be wrong, but it is a thing to ponder when obsession becomes an addiction. I think I might have a video game obsession because I feel like getting addicted to it. Initially, I could not realize it but my parents did. Whenever I reach home from school, I throw off my bag, turn on LCD and video game software and start to play. I don’t even want to eat but just want to play my favorite video games.

Video Games in My Childhood

I wasn’t addicted to video games before but somehow I started to love it madly. My parents got me some lovely games when I was young, and at that time, I used to play in my free time. As I grew, I became a bit independent and started to buy games and I was after every new game. Now, I buy online or even play online and not for free instead I pay a big fee to play. Though I also play on my cell phone, I don’t like a small screen as big screens are better.… READ MORE


My Secret Obsessions (Travel, Food, Work)

this image shows some of the secrete obsession travel, food, and work

People often talk openly about their obsessions and some keep it a secret. I am an introvert and I never told anyone about my weakness. But, now I want to disclose my secret obsessions like food, traveling, and work. Though the last one is not a secret as everybody knows that I am a workaholic, people hardly know that I am obsessed with traveling and food.

Obsessed with Food

It’s not that I am a foodie and eat everything, but there are some foods that I cannot resist and go beyond the limit to get that. Like, I love spicy food and also make my recipes. Even if something is tasteless I make it tasty by adding eastern spices to it. I live spicy pasta with cheese, and in fact, both are my obsessions. I cannot resist it as whenever I feel hungry, I go to the kitchen and make pasta by loading it with cheese. It sometimes affects my stomach but I can’t resist it, even though I have put on some weight though I work out often.

If I eat out, I order pizza with added cheese and sprinkle lots of red chili flakes over it. I mostly use chili garlic sauce with almost everything and this is my other obsession. Even if I have nothing to cook, I take out slices, apply chili garlic sauce and eat this sandwich. I take juice afterward to balance the spices and to avoid their effect.… READ MORE


An Obsession of Mine is Skiing

this image shows skiing, this can become an obsession too

Skiing is a bit risky game but it gives you an unbelievable experience. It brings you close to nature and you feel like flying in the sky. Since I love snow, so I am never scared of it. My father was a professional skiing player and I learned it from him.

The Skiing Obsession

Initially, I used to fall a lot but with time I got the skill and now I have perfected it. I feel free and when I am skiing. Also, I feel that I am in some other world. When its winter and there is snow, I ski all the time. One day I realized that I have a skiing obsession.

Types of Skiing

If you love skiing you would have known its types which include, alpine, extreme, and Nordic and they further have categories. You don’t only need training but also need good quality skis as without them you would collapse. I have explored all informative websites to know skiing other than just getting training. Now, I am like a professional player and the truth is I often play professionally in winter and have won several rewards.… READ MORE

October 2021