My Secret Obsessions (Travel, Food, Work)

this image shows some of the secrete obsession travel, food, and work

People often talk openly about their obsessions and some keep it a secret. I am an introvert and I never told anyone about my weakness. But, now I want to disclose my secret obsessions like food, traveling, and work. Though the last one is not a secret as everybody knows that I am a workaholic, people hardly know that I am obsessed with traveling and food.

Obsessed with Food

It’s not that I am a foodie and eat everything, but there are some foods that I cannot resist and go beyond the limit to get that. Like, I love spicy food and also make my recipes. Even if something is tasteless I make it tasty by adding eastern spices to it. I live spicy pasta with cheese, and in fact, both are my obsessions. I cannot resist it as whenever I feel hungry, I go to the kitchen and make pasta by loading it with cheese. It sometimes affects my stomach but I can’t resist it, even though I have put on some weight though I work out often.

If I eat out, I order pizza with added cheese and sprinkle lots of red chili flakes over it. I mostly use chili garlic sauce with almost everything and this is my other obsession. Even if I have nothing to cook, I take out slices, apply chili garlic sauce and eat this sandwich. I take juice afterward to balance the spices and to avoid their effect.… READ MORE

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