An Obsession of Mine is Skiing

this image shows skiing, this can become an obsession too

Skiing is a bit risky game but it gives you an unbelievable experience. It brings you close to nature and you feel like flying in the sky. Since I love snow, so I am never scared of it. My father was a professional skiing player and I learned it from him.

The Skiing Obsession

Initially, I used to fall a lot but with time I got the skill and now I have perfected it. I feel free and when I am skiing. Also, I feel that I am in some other world. When its winter and there is snow, I ski all the time. One day I realized that I have a skiing obsession.

Types of Skiing

If you love skiing you would have known its types which include, alpine, extreme, and Nordic and they further have categories. You don’t only need training but also need good quality skis as without them you would collapse. I have explored all informative websites to know skiing other than just getting training. Now, I am like a professional player and the truth is I often play professionally in winter and have won several rewards.

Skiing is a Passion

Skiing has become my passion other than just obsession and I love to spread knowledge in this regard. I also train youngsters in my local ski club where there is artificial ice. After getting perfect, we bring the club members to real snow and arrange tournaments for them. Though I am a banker, I take vacations in winter just to fulfill my obsession. Other than winter, I keep busy getting knowledge about the latest ski techniques so I can teach it to other people.

How much does it cost?

Skiing is not a cheap game as you have to buy expensive shoes, skis, and other gears. You can enjoy ski only by wearing the right gears and you can easily find them online. I have a huge collection of ski gears and still, I remain greedy for more because I am obsessed, you know. Some people love snowboards more than skis, but it is their choice as both keep you on the snow. If you are afraid of snow but love skiing, you can play it online to get satisfaction. But, I love everything real and natural.

the cost of skiing obsession
Freestyle Skiing

I like freestyle skiing because it is less stressful than other types. But, I know all other techniques like telemark, cross counting, backcountry, para-alpine, and others. I love ski jumping and flying because I am an adventurous person. Flatland of snow is not ideal, because I love to cross hurdles and want to jump that’s why I love mountain skiing.

Grass Skiing

To your surprise, there is also grass skiing that you can play on grassy land, but that is not so adventurous. In fact, I think grass skiing is very boring and you have to exert more pressure on hard land compared to snow. I will never leave skiing throughout my life. I am also teaching it to my kids so they learn to take a risk besides we live in a snowy area so it is our local sports.

October 2021