I am Obsessed with Chocolates

this image shows obsession with chocolates

Well, I think I am not the only one who is obsessed with chocolates as there might be so many. Chocolate is the only sweet that can never annoy you, especially, it is a healthy snack. But, when you love everything in chocolate, it can become obsession and unhealthy too. To tell you the truth, I have a chocolate craving, especially if I stay up late. I don’t like plain chocolate until it is too creamy. I love the nuts, like peanuts stuffed in chocolate.

My Yummy Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate muffins are my biggest craving and I make them on my own. My recipe will make you mad as it is mind-blowing. Every other day, I get my hands on muffins and also serve them to my guests. 

My friends love my chocolate muffins. You would always see my hands stuffed with chocolate, especially during vacations. When it comes to some cold drinks, instead of having soda, I prefer the chocolate shake or cold coffee with cocoa powder. I can also make tasty chocolate drinks and they give you energy after a long workout in summer.

My doctor says that chocolate is healthy food but the excess is always bad. I know It can bring fat to your body, but I am safe so far. I always keep on my toes and that’s the reason I am still slim even after having so much chocolate. Name any coco snack and I will make it as I have thousands of recipes on my phone. My friends always gift me chocolates on my birthday and my birthday special cake is also in chocolate.

In strawberry season I eat it by dipping in chocolate sauce. Nutella is another extension of chocolate that I use in the pancakes and sandwiches. You won’t even see the kids eating so much chocolate the way I eat. I often go out of the way to buy chocolates, muffins, and all such stuff. I am also obsessed with collecting beautiful boxes, which are used to pack chocolates. I have square, round, rectangular, small, and large boxes.

Chocolate Cakes and My Future Plans

These days, I am learning to make chocolate cakes and they would soon become my specialty. I have a plan to arrange classes so I can teach others about baking and chocolate cooking. Though I like readymade chocolate, I also love to make my own recipes. One day, I would open a bakery and a small coffee shop where I will serve nice desserts. I guess one should turn an obsession into a source of income.

this image signifies chocolate obsession

Some people find chocolate romantic and gifts on special occasions like valentines. But to me, chocolate is an all-time favorite so anyone can make me happy by gifting chocolates. My friends say that if we cut your body, it will not bleed, instead, there would be chocolate in it. 

If you have any such weakness or obsession, don’t hide and don’t feel ashamed as we are human. If you can’t resist chocolate, then be my guest and enjoy what I have.

October 2021