I Have An Obsession with Art

this is the beginning of art

Every other person has some kind of obsession without which they can’t live. Likewise, I am obsessed with art and I can’t imagine my life without it. It is not a particular thing that I like in art, instead, I love every area of art. But, my first love is to paint and collect paintings. Like every child, I learned to draw and paint in preschool, but as I grew, I found that art is my love. As a child, my hands were always covered with various colors of paint.

Abstract Art Obsession

I like abstract art more than any other and this is perhaps hard to understand and nobody can easily criticize your work. However, the cityscape is my second love in paintings. But, the landscape is not behind because I love to paint nature. I also collect paintings from all those places where I can find it at a reasonable price. Sometimes I buy expensive paintings and my parents don’t like it. My credit card bill often gets high because of shopping for expensive art pieces.

Beautiful Paintings

Like paintings, I love things related to décor and love to make DIY art as well. When I go to a gift and décor shop I can’t resist buying some nice pieces. I am obsessed with bright accessories including flowers, cushions, vases, lights, frames, and several other things. Sometimes I already have so much in my room, still, I buy another accessory. My mother says that her home has become a museum of art and she is not wrong.

In my teenage years, I used to paint on stone and often gifted it to my friends. Later on, I earned through DIY art and made lots of money. You can say that I am obsessed with art in two ways, to collect items, to make art, and to earn through it. My love for attractive things does not let me without money because I often sell my artwork. However, I don’t sell my collection as it is precious to me. 

I have a huge collection of horses in the form of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs. As a teenager, I used to read horse-based stories and watched cowboy movies.

this is the beginning of art obsession

How My Art Obsession Began

Why I got obsessed with art is because I am a Libra and Librans love beauty and art. Perhaps that’s why it grew with me since my childhood. My parents also supported my passion and never refused to buy me painting equipment and other things. Now, I also have a huge art gallery where I display my own and other artists’ work including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and home décor stuff.

I guess anyone can turn his or her obsession into passion and career as well. Though art is not my career, my passion has made it my second career. It helps me fulfill my passion and hobby and also gets me money. I have bought beautiful luxuries just by selling art. You can also turn your obsession into something positive, instead of making it a negative thing.

October 2021