I Might Have A Video Game Obsession

this image shows video game obsession

The word obsession often scares people and they think that it is abnormal. This may not be wrong, but it is a thing to ponder when obsession becomes an addiction. I think I might have a video game obsession because I feel like getting addicted to it. Initially, I could not realize it but my parents did. Whenever I reach home from school, I throw off my bag, turn on LCD and video game software and start to play. I don’t even want to eat but just want to play my favorite video games.

Video Games in My Childhood

I wasn’t addicted to video games before but somehow I started to love it madly. My parents got me some lovely games when I was young, and at that time, I used to play in my free time. As I grew, I became a bit independent and started to buy games and I was after every new game. Now, I buy online or even play online and not for free instead I pay a big fee to play. Though I also play on my cell phone, I don’t like a small screen as big screens are better.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are good to play when you are outside waiting for something. Like, you are waiting for your order at a restaurant or waiting at the signal and sitting behind your driver. You may also love to play on your mobile phone when your parents are arguing and you are traveling with them. But, it’s the obsession that does not let you stay away from video games.

this image shows mario and luigi one of the popular video games

My eyes have got weak and now I am farsighted and wear glasses. Lenses are not my type so I wear glasses. Our family doctor says that if I don’t take care of my eyes they will get worse. But, this is me, the addicted one, and the bad thing is that I like to play with lights turned off which leaves stress on my eyes. My parents punished me in every way to keep me away from video games but in vain. They also took me to a psychologist who advised me to reduce my gaming hours slowly and say that gradually, I will overcome this addiction.

When Gaming Turns Bad?

Gaming is not a bad thing but it becomes when you get addicted to it. It affects you in two ways, first, it takes too much time and second, your money also gets wasted. Imagine the time you spend playing can go into studying. You can get good marks by focusing on your studies. It is not wrong to have entertainment like this but getting obsessed is wrong. This is what I hear from my doctor, parents, and other adults around me.

Though I am trying to overcome this habit, I still skip meals when I play. I also gather my friends in my home theater where we play car racing and compete with each other. We also put rewards like some money and the winner gets that money. What about you, are you obsessed with gaming or not?

October 2021