I’m Obsessed with Pouring Concrete

this image shows the finished product of concrete pouring

You would have heard about people with obsession, such as obsessions like eating, traveling, smoking, drinking, shopping, and several others. But, my obsession might sound weird as I am obsessed with pouring beautiful concrete. Yes, it’s true, I love to make stuff with concrete. Perhaps you would have only heard of construction of concrete buildings but now, I will tell you what else can you do with this material.

What Can We Do with Concrete?

Concrete is a building material and we use it to add strength as it is a very durable material. But, technology gives us something new and now we have different ways to convert concrete into decorative objects like vases, pots, tiles, trays, holders, sculptures, and much more. Even, you can develop yours by shaping concrete and then can lay down the floor. I got obsessed with this material when I learned a few techniques to mold it.

A few years back, our school gave us a project of concrete pouring and we all had our research through the internet. I made a pot from concrete, with Concord Concrete, and I liked it so much that it became my passion and now it is my obsession. Every other day, my hands are busy making something and molding concrete into some shape. You also need other materials to use along like cement or sand. You need a certain ratio of these materials and then you mix it and make things.

I am so obsessed that I have reserved a room for this purpose and I call it my workshop. You will see various molds that I use. Our patio in the backside is also my creation as I made tiles and then cemented them on the floor. You can also add colors, and patterns to make the floor attractive. But, my best creation is the sculpture and I have made arms, legs, hands, and face through concrete and cement. However, you can also make sculptures with just cement and plaster.

this image shows concrete pouring

DIY Concrete Accessories

My home is filled with DIY pots, planters, vases, dishes, fountains, and so many other accessories. After my masterpiece is ready, I paint it as I like. However, you can also use the original color like grey. My obsession has reached a point that I even forget to have lunch or dinner. When I am free, I spend most of my time in my workshop. Now, people like my creation so much that I have started to receive orders.

Though I use gloves, my hands have become stiff due to consistent work. I also have to take care of my workshop as it becomes hard to clean if the spillovers became old. This passion is very time-consuming and needs hard work. Obsession is good if it remains passion but beyond that, it becomes an addiction. 

My friends say that I should take care of myself and my time. Lots of money also goes into this hobby but I don’t give it much thought. Maybe soon I will make it my profession and would earn some money, or I might have my concrete pouring factory, who knows?

October 2021