I’m Obsessed with Trimming Trees

this image shows well trimming trees

If you have trees outside your home, you might know how unshaped trees can affect the beauty of your house. Even public trees can ruin the entire city if we don’t take care of them. But, here I am talking about my trees who I love a lot and never leave them alone. It is not only regular watering that you need for your plants, but trimming is as important. Let me tell you a secret that I am obsessed with trimming trees.

During my childhood, I used to walk behind my Gardener who was responsible for Waterloo Tree Service Pros as he worked the entire landscape of our house. He often gave me the scissor and I loved to cut the leaves and shrubs. Perhaps, this is how my love for trimming developed. I am also obsessed with keeping things in order and my room is always neat and clean. Never ever you will see things scattered in my room. I can’t see trees with uneven stems and unwanted leaves. You have to trim the trees to allow new leaves to appear. If you don’t trim on time, the tree will not grow or it will give less fruit or no fruit at all.

Trimming Makes the Landscape Perfect

Likewise, if you have flower beds, you have to trim them according to schedule, otherwise, the flowers will not be fresh or will be less in quantity. I cannot sleep until I trim my trees because if I don’t so they keep on coming in my dreams. Trees to me are like my kids and I look after them the same way as I care for my kids. You will see all types of trimming tools in my store. In fact, lots of my friends borrow gardening and trimming tools from me. Our garden is always in good shape and that’s why it attracts strangers who often stop by and ask who is my Gardner.

Trimming Needs Consistent Learning

I keep myself updated with new trimming techniques and food that my plants require. I get really sad if any of my plants get infected, though it happens less. I don’t even go to work if there is an issue with my trees and spend the whole day eliminating the issue. I also take the guidance of a professional horticulturist who has become my friend now. When I am free, you would always see me searching the trimming websites on my mobile phone. Sometimes lots of info is annoying but it also gives you the updates.

this picture shows tree trimming obsession at its finest

I have both traditional and latest tools and I spend a huge amount of money on them. My friends often say that I should borrow instead of buying expensive tools, but I don’t listen to them. I can’t take the risk of dirty tools by others that would infect my plants. Now, you know about my obsession with tree trimming. Even, sometimes I stop by near public trees and ask the attendant to take care of them. I have a plan to write a book on tree trimming and I am sure it will be a hit and will guide lots of people.

October 2021