My Secret Obsessions (Travel, Food, Work)

this image shows some of the secrete obsession travel, food, and work

People often talk openly about their obsessions and some keep it a secret. I am an introvert and I never told anyone about my weakness. But, now I want to disclose my secret obsessions like food, traveling, and work. Though the last one is not a secret as everybody knows that I am a workaholic, people hardly know that I am obsessed with traveling and food.

Obsessed with Food

It’s not that I am a foodie and eat everything, but there are some foods that I cannot resist and go beyond the limit to get that. Like, I love spicy food and also make my recipes. Even if something is tasteless I make it tasty by adding eastern spices to it. I live spicy pasta with cheese, and in fact, both are my obsessions. I cannot resist it as whenever I feel hungry, I go to the kitchen and make pasta by loading it with cheese. It sometimes affects my stomach but I can’t resist it, even though I have put on some weight though I work out often.

If I eat out, I order pizza with added cheese and sprinkle lots of red chili flakes over it. I mostly use chili garlic sauce with almost everything and this is my other obsession. Even if I have nothing to cook, I take out slices, apply chili garlic sauce and eat this sandwich. I take juice afterward to balance the spices and to avoid their effect.

Traveling Obsession

I am so fond of traveling that I spend my weekend while traveling, so it is my other obsession. I can’t sit at home when there is no work and I love to travel and see natural beauty like hills, greenery, birds, rivers, lakes, sea and so on. I love to meet new people from other cultures though I get less time to go abroad, I have traveled my entire country. 

Sometimes my wife wants to stay home but I want to travel so it becomes conflict and we start fighting. She says we should travel for fun and should not get obsessed. My obsession with food also started due to traveling.

this picture shows travel food and work obsession

Work Obsession

This is another obsession of mine, as I work non-stop day and night when I have a new project. I am an architect and have to design a complex building. Creating designs takes me to the next level and I forget everything when I am working. I don’t finish until I get satisfied with my design. Sometimes I have tough deadlines and sometimes I get so engrossed in work that I don’t even sleep. I have become workaholic and that’s why I often get tired. It is good to work hard but one should also take some rest. You might be thinking that if I am a workaholic, how come I travel. Well, as I told you, I travel on weekends, besides I do take my annual holidays and that’s the time when I rest as well.

October 2021